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Our Secret Lives: the mother-to-be

Everyone has a public life, a private life, and a secret life. It is the secret life who defines who we are; the other two are just covers. The public life is the kind of life we display that appeal to most people – we are nice, try to be likable, we keep a neat appearance, are well mannered – you get the idea. The private life is the kind of life we can display to those closest to us, to whom we can tell more things that might be frowned upon if revealed in the public life, such as what attracts us, turn ons, turn offs, what we think of other people, what we despise – things that might reflect bad on ourselves. The public life is the easiest to separate because it’s so basic. Act like everyone else, and you got your public life. The line between that and the private life can be a bit harder to draw. Depending on how open we are, we can share our thoughts with others. For example, what political party you endorse, different locations you enjoy having sex in, and so on. But the secret life, the core of your inner thoughts, tells you who you are, and all of us have parts of the dark life that could destroy us; some more than others. Pedophilia, necrophilia, bondage, pain; these are the kind of things we keep to ourselves. When we share these thoughts, we get extremely vulnerable. Those who know of our secret life know how much of a monster we are, and hold the key to the cell they can lock us into. Everyone has a secret life.

Simon Donovan, 29 years old, works as a lawyer at Dunn & Donovan, a recently started firm in New York. Business was good, and there were at the moment just the two partners and their secretaries who worked there. Simon was a good lawyer, always trying to help the firm’s customers as much as he could, and took a personal interest in seeing to it that they’d get what they wanted. He lives in a penthouse in Aesir Towers on Manhattan; a large 7-roomer with a private garage underground. In his spare time, Simon enjoys working out at his home gym, and because of it, he’s very fit. Washboard abs, strong arms, broad shoulders and distinctive lines in his face are characteristics that elevate his physique above most.
This is Simon’s public life. But what about his secret one?

One night as he was enjoying a good whiskey and a cigar, as a reward after a hard work out and a nice long shower, Simon sat down in one of his Wassily chairs and took a deep breath. “Life is good”, he said to himself, raised his glass and took a sip. The stereo played Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli, and between the songs the rain could be heard slamming towards the windows. It fell hard and aggressively, almost as if it hated the ground it fell to. Then, all of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. He went to open it, only to find a young girl there. It was Sharon. She was 14, and quite visibly, pregnant.
Simon and Sharon had met, well, eight months earlier during a visit Simon made to her school to talk about the law, and the importance of all citizens to follow it. It was during a so called “law-day”, and he was one of the guest speakers. Afterwards, when the assembly room was clear of everyone but Simon, he was putting his robe on and got his things together when a young woman came in. She introduced herself as “Sharon” and showered Simon with compliments about both his presentation and his, as she put it, “amazing physique”. One thing led to another and they ended up having sex in one of the bathrooms. He knew her age, but didn’t care. After all, who’d know?!
Now she was back, standing outside his penthouse door, crying, asking to be let in.
“Sharon? What are you doing here?”
“Please, let me in, please!”
“Yes, of course, yes, come in.”
He grabbed her shoulders and helped her inside.
“Here, take of your wet clothes and have a seat here, I’ll try and find something for you to put on.”
She sat down, shivering from the cold and wet weather, and got completely undressed. She curled up in the Eames chair and just shook. Simon came back soon with a large robe and some underwear.
“Here honey, these panties should work, it’s yours from that day, you know. This robe is probably a little too small for you, but I hope you can wrap it around you.”
“Thank you, Simon.”, she said and smiled at him.

“Sharon, what are you doing here? How did you find me?”
She laughed a little and said,
“Not many people in New York goes by the name of Simon Donovan, it was easy to find you.”
“But why?”
“Well, as you can guess, my parents found out I’m pregnant, and they didn’t…take it too well.”
“But how? I mean, I used protection!”
“Well, it must’ve broken. It happens.”
“Apparently. What did your parents say?”
“They threw me out, dad was furious.”
“And your mother?”
“She tried to stop him but couldn’t. They’ll calm down, but I really need someone now. Can I stay here for a while? Please? I won’t let anyone know I’m here, pleeeease?”
She begged him, and he enjoyed girls begging him.
“Well, of course you can stay here for a while. One question though, does your parents know I’m the father?”
“No, I haven’t told them anything”.

They talked for a while and then went to bed. Simon went to make the bed in the guestroom, but she really wanted to sleep together with him, and who was he to say no?!
But that night, he couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking of how to get out of this mess. His whole reputation was a stake now, and he could even be thrown in jail for a long time. This was not an acceptable outcome. There would only be one way out of this; she would have to die. But even so, there is still the disappearing of her body and such to take care of. Then it hit him. He knew what to do. And he made sure that he would have fun with her, again, before she dies. And AS she dies.
The next day was all about preparation. He convinced her to “go underground” and stay with him until the baby was born and have no contact with the outer world. After the baby would be born, they agreed that she should go home to her parents again and leave the baby for adoption. What Sharon didn’t know was that she would die before this would be carried out. He had a plan for it all, what would happen, and he was so excited that he had an entire bottle of Jack Daniels that night. But it would have to wait for now, the plan that is. It was to be executed on the day she would be about to give birth. He spent the time up to then to spoil her rotten. He bought her flowers, good food, wine (which he happily drank without a care in the world, especially without thinking of the baby in her womb), and kept her very happy.
The day had come. When Simon got home from work he water had broke and she was about to give birth. “It’s now or never”, he thought to himself and told her that he would drive her to the hospital as soon as he’d gotten her a glass of water. He went out into the kitchen and poured water into a glass and put in some Rohypnol. She passed out almost instantly. Simon grabbed her and got her down to his car, a Rolls Royce Phantom, and drove away, out of town.
When she woke up, she had been stripped naked and tied to a wooden table.
“Yes, dear?”
“What are you doing to me?”
Her voice trembled.
“Well, Sharon, I can’t have you of my offspring running around causing trouble, so…”
“So, I have to kill you. Sorry, babe.”
“What?? No! No, you can’t do this! Please!”
Her pleas made him hard and didn’t help her case at all. He just laughed. Her mascara was running down her cheek as she cried and cried. And in the middle of it all, she was giving birth.
“I have something for you”, Simon said and left the room. A minute or so later he came back in with a stallion, a beautiful horse. He walked it up to her, got on his knees, and put his hand on the stallion’s cock. He stroked it with his hand while using the other to get undressed. When he was buck naked he leaned forward and put his tongue against it. He kept sucking and jerking it until it was rock hard and the stallion was horny like never before. Simon then got on his feet again and helped the stallion to get on the table with its cock aiming for Sharon’s pussy.
“No! What are you doing?”, Sharon cried out. Simon just laughed.

He grabbed the horse’s cock and put the glans by her little pussy, and watched it rape the shit out of her. She screamed as hard she could.
“Why? Why are you doing this to me?”, she kept crying.
“How does it feel, you little whore? How does it feel to have that horse’s huge cock in your pussy, and feel it being rammed all the way into your womb, to your unborn little whore in there, huh? How does it feel?”
“Please, just make it stop, please!”
“Oh, I’m just getting started.”
The horse snickered as it came inside her pussy, in her womb, and then pulled out.
“The, did you feel it cum in your womb? Your water broke, but now it’s cum-filled instead!”, Simon laughed, and continued,
“But, we don’t want that sperm, or baby, to escape just yet, do we?”
Sharon didn’t answer, she could hardly cry anymore. She was all out of strength.
Simon left the room and came back with needle and thread.
“Let’s sew that pussy shut, shall we?!”
He sat down on a chair in front of her pussy and threaded the needle. As he pushed it through her labium she moaned a little. As he sewed he told her,
“You better hold that baby in, if it tries to escape it will rip you apart, you little whore, and you don’t want that, do you?!”
She shook her head. He kept sewing, and after maybe 10 minutes of carefully sewing her pussy shut tight he was done.
He went up beside her and stroke her hair.
“Poor Sharon, if only you hadn’t shown up at my door those weeks ago, we wouldn’t be here today.”
“Please, just…just let me go!”
“I can’t do that, honey. As must as it pains me, I must kill you. I’m so sorry!”
“No…please no!”
She cried like never before. Simon just smiled and kissed her on her forehead. He pointed to a modified pizza oven on the other side of the room.
“You see that oven? That’s where you’re going, love.”
He pushed the table up to the over and opened it. The wooden plank she laid on wasn’t nailed down, so he easily, with help from his physique, pushed the plank, with Sharon tied to it, into the oven and closed it. He turned the dial to 300°C and sat back. After a few minutes she began cooking. She screamed hysterically, and meanwhile, the baby was ready to come out. Simon was staring at her through the glass on the oven and jerked his cock. He was extremely hard from what he had done and what he saw at this moment. He watched that 14 year old girl, still pregnant with his own child, being burned to a crisp in a pizza oven. She starred at him, with panic in her eyes, but soon started to fade away. It didn’t take long before he was ready to cum all over the glass on the oven, right where her face was. The sight line between Simon’s and Sharon’s eyes was now broken with a load of sperm. Slowly she turned into nothing more than a coal-like substance. It was over. It was all over.

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